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The Test Drive comes with a sample database and has no expiration date but is limited to the number of items, contacts and transactions that you can create.
This version will run on macOS 10.15 and higher


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Reasons to choose MacPOS

Customer Support

Fast, knowledgeable and accessible software support any time of day.


Formed in 1985 with many years of experience in the retail industry and creating software.

Mac Enthusiasts

We know and love the Mac platform and began 30 years ago on System 1.0 Mac 128k.


Our software is packed with features, many you'll never need but don't get in your way.

Easy to Use

Many customers never read the manual because it's intuitive.


We like to think it looks pretty.

Fast and Stable

Checkout in the blink of an eye while keeping track of important information.


Starting at $199, it's easy to afford. Upgrade to the Pro version easily at any time.

To run the TestDrive...

• Download the Test Drive version above and double-click the MacPOS icon.

• Select MacPOS Help from the Help menu to access information on using MacPOS.
• Click on the Getting Started link in the left side of the window.
Please reach out to us if you have any questions and we would be glad to answer them.
Email: help@macpos.com

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