Customer Support

Trained support specialists are available to help you when you need it.
For the fastest response use the Help button in the lower left corner of this window.

help   Fast Support around the Clock

We provide you with support and emergency assistance whether it is morning, noon or night including holidays and weekends. Not all support services may be available during these times.

Fast response to questions for all customers with a current valid Support or Update subscription plan. Have the confidence to know that we will be there for those unexpected emergencies.

help1   Priority Help Desk

Our Help Desk allows anyone within your organization to contact us quickly and easily.

help  Phone and Live Support

Live support by phone and voice chat is available to customers with a valid maintenance or software subscription plan during the hours below. Please contact our Help Desk via email using the Help link on this page. We will contact you as needed at the phone number you provide.

    Monday - Friday
    7am - 5pm EST    

help2   Remote Access to your Macs

Under your control, we can view your Mac screen using TeamViewer remote access software. This enables us to resolve problems and issues quickly that may be more difficult using other means. Please schedule a remote session using the Help Desk.

Fees may apply for customers without a subscription or maintenance support plan.

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help3    Internet and Email

One-stop customer service and technical support.

machelp3     Apple Support for Macs