• Over 50 built-in reports
  • Customize Reports
  • Quick and Informative
  • Export to Excel
  • Easy to Read
  • Share Reports

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    Informative Reporting
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    Powerful and Fast Reporting

    MacPOS is packed with built-in reports that provides you with the information you need with a simple click.
    See at a glance your hourly, daily or monthly sales. View the results in an easy to understand visual graph.

    It's easy to share the reports with the other programs. Export your reports to Excel, Numbers or virtually any database program for more extensive analysis.

    Access reports remotely when integrated with Dropbox. See up-to-date reports totals and inventory stock levels from wherever you are.

    Sales Reports

    Access the reports you need with ease.

  • Sales Transaction Journal - line item report of all items, taxes and payments for sales and purchases
  • Sales Total Breakdown - summary report of the sales, taxes, payments and department totals
  • Payments Detail - a report of all payments received in detail and summary
  • Item Summary - a summary of total sales and quantities for each item sold
  • Top-Selling Items - create a report of your top selling items
  • Tax Journal - all tax transactions and taxes paid
  • Item Profit Reports - a profit report detailing the profit made on each item sold

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    Graph Results

    View monthly sales totals for items and customers or any date range. See sales trends instantly. Produce sales reports for any time of day or range.

    The graph below shows the total dollar sales by hour for a given date range. Customize the graph with your favorite colors.

    Big Text or Little

    See report information in a size that is easy to read. Use that big monitor and display text so that aging eyes can see. Set the text to a size that you prefer, big or small and one that fits your monitor size. report2

    Inventory Reporting
  • Track inventory in detail, reducing waste and the potential for theft.
  • Ensure all inventory and services are sold at the correct price.
  • Track sales for employees and customers to analyze the performance of staff and promotions.
  • Create low stock reports for items that are below set stock levels
  • Create purchase orders to streamline the process of purchasing and ordering the items you sell.
  • Access product information in numerous data formats.

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