• Fast Order Creation
  • Powerful Discounting
  • Customizable Interface
  • Easy Intuitive Operation
  • See Product Pictures
  • Access Products Quickly

  • Point-of-Sale
    Contact Management
    Products & Services
    Informative Reporting
    Credit Cards

    Retail Point-of-Sale

    The heart of MacPOS is the point-of-sale window which has been designed for ease of use and configurability. Include the functions you need and remove those that you don't.

    Adjust the layout to fit the size of your monitor instead of the other way around. Use large easy to read text and assign a favorite product or service to a TouchKey button to add it quickly to an order.

    Click the image to open a new window showing screen shots of the interface options available.

    Powerful Features
  • Fast and quick order creation and completion
  • Powerful search features to find items quickly
  • Click on images of your products to add to a ticket
  • Access detailed product information about the items you're selling
  • Powerful Quantity Discounting features
  • Select a contact and assign to an order in a single step.
  • Locate past sales and purchase history information quickly
  • Configure the interface and include your 'Branding' in the layout
  • Record serial numbers and other important information.

  • Video of a Cash Sale

    This shows starting a sales session and creating an order, adding an item and then Check Out.
    The payment is made with cash, change is calculated and a receipt is printed. View full-screen on Youtube in HD for best image.

    Find Items Quickly

    Lookup items that are not barcoded or for stock and price checks using a wildcard search.
    Scan a barcode and add the item for accurate pricing and sell the right item at the right price.

    TouchPad Mode

    Click on images or text buttons to add popular or favorite items to an order and quickly lookup more information about the items you're selling.

    Service and Repairs

    Handles order creation for service and repair businesses with special fields for recording notes, delivery and handling instructions.
    Create RTF documents quickly for extensive documentation of repairs, instructions or for almost every need.