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Payment processing your way

Stay up and running with Vantiv's fast, reliable, and secure credit card processing. Accept the most common payment types and enjoy speedy funding, instant transaction viewing, and more.

Handle credit and gift card payments using the integrated secure processing built-in to MacPOS using advanced encryption protecting your customer's card information from being compromised.

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PCI Compliance

Maintaining card data security is important for all merchants accepting credit cards. Card data fraud is an increasing threat to small and midsize businesses. Learn more about what you can do to avoid a card data compromise.

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Why Integrated Payments is Better

Easier reconciliation saves time and wages.
Eliminate duplicate accounting effort. There’s no need to match reports from the terminal and the POS.

Faster transactions shorten lines and keep customers happy.
One transaction at the POS is more than twice as fast as transactions at both the terminal and POS.

Fewer errors and chargebacks improve profitability.
Keep customers happy and avoid chargebacks by eliminating duplicate transaction input errors and the risk of incorrectly entered amounts.

Dedicated, POS-wise support stops the run around.
One-stop customer service and technical support stops time-consuming finger pointing at the ‘other guy’ to solve payment processing related issues. It’s around the clock and it’s free, so there are no “service package upgrade” surprises to get in the way of timely help.

With the built-in processing in MacPOS, you swipe the card and 1-2 seconds later an approval is received, a receipt printed and you're done.

Merchant Accounts and Rate Information

Vantiv/Worldpay supports all major payment types and will match or beat your existing rates!

Process credit, debit and gift card transactions quickly, effortlessly and be assured you are getting unprecedented security using the integrated Vantiv/Worldpay processing.

Vantiv Merchant Services

MacPOS works only with Vantiv/Worldpay webservice to provide the highest level of security for credit card processing. Using Worldpay removes the point-of-sale software from the scope of PCI-DSS regulations and ensures card information will not be breached. We are adding support for additional processors in a future update. Vantiv/Worldpay will match or beat the existing rates you pay.

Yes, you can use your existing credit card terminal with MacPOS. However, they will not be integrated together. You need to enter the amount due into the terminal, swipe the card and then upon approval, click the appropriate payment button in MacPOS indicating it was paid. It operates separately and the clerk is the integrator. Save paper, save time and more importantly, save money and enroll with Vantiv/Worldpay.

With an external card processor you have an additional hardware terminal, more monthly fees, an extra printed receipt and it will take 10-15 seconds longer for each card processed. The POS clerk must enter the amount into the terminal, swipe the card and wait for approval and printed receipt for the customer to sign. If approved, you click the credit card payment button in MacPOS to indicate payment was approved.