MacPOS Express

Point-of-sale software for your Mac

It is the easiest to use point-of-sale software for your Mac. MacPOS gives you complete control with powerful features and speed at a price the competition can't beat.

What can MacPOS do for your business?

  • Helps your business to grow and become more profitable.
  • Reduce the customer checkout time.
  • Provide accurate pricing and reduce clerk errors.
  • Allow store owners more time on revenue-generating activities.
  • Improve customer service by speeding up sales transactions.
  • Providing powerful insight into the buying trends of your customers.
  • Free up money that’s tied up in overstocked inventory.
  • Ensuring you have the products in stock that your customers want.

  • POS Hardware Support

    MacPOS supports industry standard point-of-sale hardware.
    We provide your business with a complete point-of-sale solution from one source.
    And unlike many POS vendors, we know and love Macs.


    Powerful features


    • Fast order creation
    • Easy and intuitive to use
    • Check out quickly
    • Powerful reporting
    • Industry standard hardware support

    Products and Services

    • Find items quickly
    • Accurately price your items
    • Track your inventory levels
    • Access product web page.
    • Assign images to your items quickly
    • Open URLs in the built-in web browser


    • Add new contacts easily
    • Find prior order history quickly
    • Assign a photo and view at the POS
    • See important sales information

    Inventory Management

    • Track inventory in detail, reducing waste and the potential for theft.
    • Ensure all inventory and services are sold at the correct price.
    • Track sales for employees and customers to analyze the performance of staff and promotions.
    • Track customer information so you can design custom promotions for loyal customers.
    • Create purchase orders to streamline receiving and reordering.

    Decrease Checkout Time

    MacPOS can assist you in managing your busy retail operation. Your customer service is vastly improved with workflow management and the checkout process is faster because repetitive tasks are automated. With a MacPOS solution, your checkout employee scans an item using the bar code scanner and MacPOS automatically calculates the price, including any sales or promotional discounts in place. It also will subtract the item from available inventory.

    Reduce Pricing Errors
    The possibility for human error is minimized as are delays inherent with human interaction. Reduce the risk of the employee miskeying the price or reading it wrong or a call for a price check. Scan an item and add it to the order in confidence the price is correct.

    Integrated Credit Card processing

    Process your credit and debit card transactions effortlessly using the built-in PCI compliant integration.
    Use your existing Merchant processor and terminal with MacPOS but it will be slower and probably cost you more.
    Save time and money with the secure integrated processing.

    Home Window

    After launching MacPOS, the Home window will open and enable access to the other functions in the app.
    This window remains open and you can use it to :

    • Expand it to cover the Desktop and prevent accidentally access to it.
    • Configure an image to appear.
    • Navigate to other areas of program by clicking the buttons along the top.
    • Return Home after closing other windows.

    Items Database

    The Items database is used to store the products and services you sell to your customers.

    • Enter the ItemID (SKU/PLU/Barcode) in the Search field
    • Monitor stock levels on inventory items
    • The Item window can be resized to show more information fields
    • Filter items by department, brand, supplier, description and more
    • View stored URLs with the built-in web browser
    • View images of your products to show to customers
    • See past sales and receiving of stock using the History feature

    Contacts Database

    The Contacts database is used to store your customers, suppliers and employees.

    • Find quickly by Account ID or name
    • Find past sales or receiving history
    • Assign customer to a shopping cart to apply discounts
    • Locate items sold instantly
    • Assign images for verification purposes


    The Point-of-Sale window is used to assemble a shopping cart of items that you sell to your customers.

    • Enter the ItemID (SKU/PLU/Barcode) in the Search field
    • Assign a contact to a shopping cart
    • Lookup items quickly to add to cart
    • Create a list of Favorites and click and add to the cart
    • Save a cart to complete later
    • The last active cart opens automatically or ready to start a new one

    Screen shots

    Item database to store the products and services you sell to your customers.

    Active Sales Cart window provides quick addition of items to the cart by scanning a barcode or using the keyboard.
    Powerful filtering by multiple fields for locating and selling items.

    Contacts database

    Active Carts List

    Favorites window to add repetitive items easily

    View Active Carts waiting to be completed