• Inventory Control
  • Size and Color Matrix
  • Record Serial Numbers
  • Access Product URL
  • View Product Pictures
  • Access Detailed Information

  • Point-of-Sale
    Contact Management
    Products & Services
    Informative Reporting
    Credit Cards

    Control Your Inventory

    MacPOS is packed with features to control your inventory. Know when to order, how many you sold and what is still in stock. With our Pro versions you can access other location's stock levels quickly and easily.

  • Print Barcodes for your items
  • Powerful search features to find items quickly
  • Set minimum and maximum levels for reordering items
  • Record 4 retail price levels and a sale prices
  • Quantity discounting features
  • Access to a product URL with the built-in web browser
  • Locate past sales and purchase history information quickly
  • See a Graph of prior sales by month for the past 3 years.
  • Track Stock Quantity and update as you sell and purchase items and products.

  • itemwindow

    Item Matrix for Size and Colors
  • Track Size and Color or any variations like the RAM and Hard Drive size of an iMac as shown below.
  • Track serial numbers, lot numbers or other specific info about the item when it is sold
  • Sell items in fractional quantities - great for items that are measured by time, length or weight

  • itemmatrixwindow
    Information Docs
    Access information about the item in PDF, RTF, Text, Web-Archive, Music Files, MPEG, Movies, Excel Files and more with a single click.

    Web Page Access
    Access product URLs in the built-in web browser which limits viewing sites linked to the original URL. The web browser is limited to browsing only and eliminates unauthorized downloads.


    Drop-down Lists
    Save time and improve database accuracy using drop-down lists to enter repetitive information such as departments, class, brand and vendor names.

    Inventory Reports

    Access the reports you need with ease. There are 15 reports to select from or create your own custom report. It's easy to share the reports with the outside world. Export your report data to Excel, Numbers or virtually any database program for more extensive analysis.

    Access reports remotely when integrated with Dropbox. See up-to-date reports totals and inventory stock levels from wherever you are with no additional hosting fees to pay.

  • All Items - all items and products in the database.
  • In Stock Only - a report of only inventory items that have a positive stock quantity
  • Low Stock - items that are low in stock based on a minimum and maximum reorder point
  • Top-Selling Items - see the items that are the top sellers and sort reports quickly.
  • Product Pricing - print a product price list for various discounts on items sold
  • Item Profit - track profit of the items sold based on average or last cost paid
  • Total Sales - total quantity and dollar sales totals
  • Total Purchases - total quantity purchased and quantities received
  • Unit-of-Sale and Purchase Qty to handle items by the case or other measure

  • report
    View Sales Trends

    See the monthly sales totals for items and customers for the last month or the last 3 years. See sales trends instantly. Customize the graphs with your favorite colors.