• Track your Customers
  • Store Vendor Contacts
  • Employee information
  • Access Linked-In Profiles
  • Add Facebook Links
  • View Contact Pictures
  • Quick and Easy Search

  • Point-of-Sale
    Contact Management
    Products & Services
    Informative Reporting
    Credit Cards

    Contact Management

    MacPOS helps to provide your business with better contact management and improved customer support. Keep track of who is buying what or implement a customer loyalty driving new repeat business.

    MacPOS stores your customers, vendors, employees, friends, relatives and more in the contact database. With over 50 customizable fields, you can track everything from an anniversary to a website address.

    Create customer account ID cards that can be used at the POS to start a new sale or for Loyalty programs.
    Place a contact's picture in the database that can be printed on labels and receipts or viewed on the screen during the creation of a sale ensuring positive identification in businesses requiring this feature.

  • View past sales and purchase history information
  • See a graph of a contacts past sales or purchases
  • Find contacts quickly using account numbers, address or email information
  • Create a customer Account ID card to start a sale with a swipe or scan a barcode
  • Access detailed information about the contact
  • Print mailing labels
  • Email an invoice or a receipt in PDF format
  • Customer Loyalty programs and point redemptions
  • Track points accumulated based on purchase totals or products
  • Set to receive one of 4 retail price levels or enter a discount percentage to apply on all items purchased
  • Access a Facebook, Linked-In or Vendor's web site for product or warranty information
  • Add custom fields to save other detailed information about your contacts

  • Customizable Interface

    Change the look and feel of the interface using the Layout Editor. Like all database windows, you can easily customize the layout by changing the colors, fonts, size and positions of the fields on the screen. Add additional fields to the form to record virtually anything you want about a contact. Delete the information that you want to be displayed.


    Contact Reports

    There are many reports to select from or create your own custom report.

  • All Contacts - a report of all contacts in the database.
  • Customers - a report of the contacts marked as customers
  • Vendors - a report of the vendors in the database
  • Employees - see a report of the employees in the database
  • Time Clock - print a report of total time clocked in for the current pay period.
  • Top Customers - a report of the top total sales contacts

  • report

    Contact Information
  • Record detailed information in RTF format for each contact.
  • Open in TextEdit easily for formatting, printing or sharing information.
  • contactinfo

    Drop-down Lists
    Save time and improve database accuracy using drop-down lists to enter repetitive information such as cities, states, zip codes and classifications.