Features :

  • Create orders on an iPad
  • Send tickets to Kitchen
  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Assign images to Items
  • Tracks Inventory Items
  • Blue tooth printer support
  • Works with your Mac
  • Works without the Cloud
  • MacPiOS for iPad

    MacPiOS software for iOS enables you to create orders on an iPad and sync with MacPOS to complete tickets. You can work off-line and connect to MacPOS and synchronize orders at a later time.

    Create menus and enter products in MacPOS or the iPad and send tickets directly to the kitchen.

    Recall orders and checkout on a Mac or on the iPad.

    Fast Menu Selections

    Add items to the ticket quickly and easily with a simple touch.
    Change to another category and select from more items.

    Fast access to menu modifiers and selections for each item.
    Pick an icon or assign your own image to a menu item.
    Assign colors to types of items for quick identification.

    Quick and Easy Operation
    Find Items quickly using a wild-card search or by Description, Category and Department.

    Simple Easy to Read Payment Screen

    Easy to read and uncluttered interface reduces confusion and retains focus.