Frequently Asked Questions Serving Macs since 1985

The answers to some of the more common questions on MacPOS are outlined below.

Yes we do. You can subscribe by the month or year. You can also purchase a lifetime license will no recurring fees. With the subscription plan you receive the latest version free of charge and priority support throughout the term of your subscription.

Yes it does. There are currently no known issues with MacPOS and OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

No, MacPOS software only works on a Mac running OS X 10.7 - 10.11. Our iOS software that does run on iPads is still in development and we will be releasing it very soon, with Apple's blessings. It seamlessly works with MacPOS and MacPOS Cloud and provides order entry and database management.

MacPOS works only with Mercury Payments to provide the highest level of security for credit card processing. Using Mercury removes the point-of-sale software from the scope of PCI-DSS regulations and ensures card information will not be breached. We are adding support for additional processors in a future update. Mercury Payments will match or beat the existing rates you pay.

Yes, you can use your existing credit card terminal with MacPOS. However, they will not be integrated together. You need to enter the amount due into the terminal, swipe the card and then upon approval, click the appropriate payment button in MacPOS indicating it was paid. It operates separately and the clerk is the integrator. Save paper, save time and more importantly, save money and enroll with Mercury Payments.